For some, the natural curves of their nose aren’t to their liking. For these patients, nose reshaping can help slim down and change the proportions of the nose to better fit the face. Also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping can help patients improve their appearance while also correcting structural defects. Under the skilled hands of the doctors at Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery, patients can feel safe and confident throughout the entire treatment process.

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What Can Nose Reshaping Help With?

Many patients come to our doctors with concerns about the size, shape, or width of their noses. Luckily, nose reshaping provides an easy way to contour the nose to the patient’s liking. In particular, it’s a great choice for the following issues:

  • Nasal asymmetry, such as when one side of the nose is wider or larger than the other.
  • Overly large, upturned, or wide nostrils that always look flared.
  • The tip of the nose is hooked, turns up at the end, droops down, or is bulbous.
  • Dips or humps on the bridge when viewed from the side.
  • The nose is too wide at the bridge, especially in comparison to the size of the nostrils.
  • The nose is too big for the face, dominating the other features.

Because many of these issues are extremely personal in nature, our doctors offer an initial consultation to talk through these problems and determine a precise plan of treatment for each and every patient.

What Happens During Nose Reshaping?

The nose reshaping procedure is relatively painless, meaning patients have nothing to be afraid of. They’ll receive an anesthetic or sedative before the treatment so they won’t be conscious. Then, our doctors will begin by making an incision inside or outside of the nose, depending on the specific procedure. This gives them access to the bones and cartilage inside the nose, which they may trim, remove, or rearrange depending on what the patient desires.

Once the nose has been altered, our doctors will then close up the incision so that the nose can begin to heal.

When Will Patients See Results After Nose Reshaping?

Because nose reshaping involves incisions, patients will not be able to see results right away, as they’ll have swelling and redness. However, this should dissipate with a few weeks, revealing their new sleek and defined nose. Because the nose will continue to heal, it may take up to a year to see final results.

Since removed cartilage and bone don’t grow back, results are permanent. While patients may still see some age-related changes in their nose, it will never revert back to its previous state.

Improve Your Appearance With Nose Reshaping From Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery

With the help of nose reshaping, you can finally have the face you’ve always wanted. To ensure your procedure goes as smoothly as possible, always choose the cosmetic surgeons at Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery.

With their years of experience and highly attentive care, you’ll get beautiful, lasting results. Call us today at (571) 595-3223 to schedule your initial consultation.