For patients who wish to correct drooping or sagging eyelids, eyelid surgery from Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery can help. In this procedure, our doctors can improve the appearance of the eyes to make them look more open and reduce the signs of aging. This quick and simple procedure provides long-lasting results that can keep patients looking younger for years to come.

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What Problems Can Eyelid Surgery Fix?

The most common type of eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty, and it can be used to boost the appearance of both the upper and lower lids. During this procedure, our doctors will trim away excess skin, fat, and other tissue from the eyelids to create a sleek and refined look that showcases the eyes.

In particular, blepharoplasty is a great treatment to correct the following deficiencies:

  • Fine wrinkles and sagging skin around the lower eyelid.
  • Lower eyelids that droop exceedingly, revealing too much of the white of the eye.
  • Chronic bags and puffiness under the eyes and in the eyelids.
  • Upper lids that sag down into the eye, sometimes obstructing vision.

Who Can Benefit From Eyelid Surgery?

Overall, many patients are a great candidate for eyelid surgery because it is a relatively simple procedure. In general, patients should be in good health, be non-smokers, and not have any pre-existing medical eye conditions.

Many patients choose eyelid surgery as a cosmetic fix, but for others, eyelid surgery is a way to improve eyesight that’s being impaired. To know for sure what kind of results patients can expect, they will have an initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeons before their procedure to talk about their goals.

What Happens During Eyelid Surgery?

To begin the procedure, all patients will receive sedation or anesthesia so they won’t be conscious during the surgery. This prevents the patient from feeling pain and allows our doctors to work uninterrupted. Next, our doctors will make a small incision along the natural crease of the eyelid to greatly reduce the appearance of scarring.

At this point, our doctors will remove fat, tighten muscles, and cut away excess skin to create perfect, natural-looking lids. Once the surgery is complete, the incision will be closed with either skin glue or sutures so it can begin to heal.

How Long Do Results From Eyelid Surgery Last?

After eyelid surgery, patients won’t see results right away, as there will be some swelling and redness in the area. This may take a week or so to disappear, but after that point, patients will be able to enjoy their new look. Results are typically long-lasting and will only be hindered by natural aging processes.

Revitalize Your Appearance With Eyelid Surgery From Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your eyelids, eyelid surgery could be just the procedure you need to start feeling more comfortable in your skin.

When you choose the professionals at Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery, you’ll receive expert care from doctors who will take the time to devise a personalized treatment plan just for you. To get started, call us today at (571) 595-3223.