For patients with several missing teeth, the All-on-4® system is an excellent alternative to dentures or dental implants. The All-on-4® treatment provides patients with an entirely new arch of teeth in the upper and lower jaw on just four sturdy implants. When patients choose All-on-4® treatment at Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery, they can benefit from a brand-new smile in just one day.

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How Do All-on-4® Implants Work?

Unlike traditional dental implants, which just support one tooth per implant, All-on-4® implants are strategically placed in the mouth to support an entire row of teeth. This is possible because All-on-4® implants are inserted deeper into the jaw and at an angle, giving them more stability.

Once the implants are placed, our oral surgeons can then attach a fixed denture for a brand-new smile. These teeth will look and function just like real teeth.

What Are the Benefits of All-on-4® Implants?

All-on-4® implants have numerous benefits over individual dental implants or dentures. For one, having just four implants is far easier and more cost-effective than receiving an entire mouth of individual implants. What’s more, because only four implants need to be placed, the patient does not need to have an extremely dense jawbone. This is especially relevant for patients who have been missing teeth for some time and might have experienced some bone deterioration.

When compared to dentures, All-on-4® implants provide a more stable and secure fit that won’t slip or slide while chewing and talking. In fact, the teeth can’t be removed, so patients won’t have to take them out to clean them.

Best of all, All-on-4® implants take just one day to complete. Patients will come into the office with no teeth and leave with a sparkling smile.

The only drawback of the All-on-4® system is that patients cannot have any teeth remaining in the jaw where they’ll be getting the implants. This means any remaining teeth will have to be pulled before the procedure. However, this slight inconvenience is more than worth it in the long run, as patients will once again have full functionality of the mouth.

What Happens During the All-on-4® Procedure?

During the All-on-4® procedure, patients will be sedated so they don’t experience any pain. If any teeth remain in the mouth, these will be removed, and then our doctors will make an incision in the gums to insert the implants. Once these are in place, they will attach a temporary denture so the patient can leave the office with a toothy grin.

While the main All-on-4® procedure happens in just a day, patients will need some time to heal before their final prosthetic teeth can be attached. This usually happens three to four months after the initial surgery.

Transform Your Smile With All-on-4® Implants From Reston Advanced Oral and Cosmetic Facial Surgery

If you’re missing numerous teeth, you can greatly benefit from the efficient and fast All-on-4® procedure. You’ll regain functionality in your mouth with just one surgical treatment.

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