“I had my wisdom teeth out about a few weeks ago. Dr. Vigliante and his team were great! They were extremely helpful in getting me set up and comfortable for my surgery. The office is clean and they are always on schedule. I had no problems post surgery, everything went smoothly. Definitely would recommend this practice.” – Aliya S.

“Dr. Viglianti is the best! I had surgery for a front tooth dental implant. He and his assistant Becky made me feel so comfortable and were so on top of their game during the whole procedure. Highly, highly recommend Dr. V! ” – Cynthia K.

“I had my wisdom teeth removed in march of 2021 by Dr. Gocke and it was so seamless and easy! My healing has gone wonderfully. Absolutely would recommend.” – Art Tucker

“I went in on emergency to get a tooth pulled. Dr. Gocke and Kaitlyn were amazing! They made me feel extremely comfortable and were very detailed in everything they did. The entire staff is amazing! I highly recommend this office.” – Brenda W.

“Made an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed and the process couldn’t have been easier! Surgery is stressful regardless of what it’s for, but the staff at Reston Advanced Oral make you feel at ease and in good hands. They are clear in pre and post-op instructions and are available if you have any questions about the surgery. I’m very grateful for the way they treated me!” – Tyler Garling

“I had an excellent experience before, during, and after my surgery. The staff were all friendly and professional. I had 4 wisdom teeth (two impacted) extracted in under an hour. Dr. Gocke was excellent and did his own intravenous anesthesia. Since anesthesia is inherently risky, I am thankful that a trained doctor managed mine rather than relying on a CRNA. Personally, I had NO PAIN and very minor swelling after my surgery which I attribute wholly to the expertise of my surgeon. I was back to a normal diet ~4-5 days after surgery. The office also seemed to handle coronavirus safety with the necessary care.” – Ben E.